Golden Bay

Many people flock to Golden Bay Beach Malta each year for the sunbathing alone.  However, there is much more to this area than the chance to lounge around in the sun and enjoy the view.  Golden Bay is located in the northwestern area of Malta and is a popular draw for tourists of all kinds from couples and families to groups.  The beach is accessible by car or bus, so you do not have to stay at the nearby Radisson Blu hotel complex.

If you are in the mood for activity, you can find lots to do right on the beach.  The water is usually safe for swimming with common safe buoys that are typically found all over the island.  However, there can be some strong currents from the northwest, but there will be red flags to let you know when the waters are a bit rough so that you can stay in the shallow areas.

There are many other beach activities you can enjoy at Golden Bay.  For instance, you can hire an umbrella where you can sit and relax between other activities.  When there is a good swell, you can go boogie boarding or body surfing.  You can also hire equipment so that you can partake in other water activities such as jet skiing and paragliding or riding a banana boat.  You can even enjoy an evening barbecue with the family when you have decided to wind down for the day.

Many people also like to come to the area for other reasons besides sunbathing and water skiing.  Some people decide to have a beach wedding where the Radisson provides a private area that can be hired during non-peak hours.  You can have a religious ceremony as Malta will accommodate any denomination wishing to get married in the area.  However, you can also more easily arrange a civil ceremony that is perfectly legal and get paperwork that you need for acknowledgement in your home country.

If you are or are traveling with someone who has mobility issues, you will find that Golden Bay is still accessible with these needs in mind.  The beach accommodations are also child friendly as they are made for family outings.  The wide stretch of soft sand is actually nice for children to play.  However, with the beach’s popularity, it can get quite busy, especially since it is not a protected area like the adjacent beach of Ghajn Tuffieha.

Another reason that accounts for Golden Bay’s popularity is that the five-star Radisson Blu hotel is nearby.  There are all the accommodations available that you can expect from a five-star hotel.  You can enjoy dinner at the restaurant at the end of a long day on the beach.  The spa is also available if you plan to relax during your vacation.  In fact, the Myo Ka Golden Sands Spa offers packages for those who need a spa holiday complete with treatments and therapies.

With a spa vacation, you can get one of many Ayurveda treatments that can last anywhere from 25 minutes to two hours.  Available packages include a mind refresher, rejuvenation, spine care therapy or a revival package among many others.  You can even get treatment for health concerns such as osteoporosis, stress, old age ailments and sleep problems.  If you simply want to be pampered with skin care therapy, you can find that at the Myo Ka Golden Sands Spa as well.

At the hotel, you can also enjoy the hair salon, the spa treatments for the mind, body and soul, holistic and oriental treatments and body scrubs and wraps just to name a few accommodations.  With all these available facilities, you can find adventure in the water or relax in the hotel spa after a long day exploring the beach.  In either case, you get a good view of the Malta area and come back with an experience you will not get anywhere else.


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